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About us

About us

Go4® starts production in 2015 with the production of raw Go4Raw® bio bars in three flavors. For one year, the assortment increased by nine more flavors, and in the spring of 2016 the production of three types of crackers of organic vegetables began. Originally, the goods are destined for the Bulgarian market, and since 2016, after Go4® products have won four awards from international exhibitions of bio organic and innovative products - London and Malmö, they are also seen and appreciated on international markets and exported to 15 countries in Europe, including 12 EU countries and Switzerland, Turkey and Macedonia.


The Go4® team consists of people who have a relationship to healthy eating and lifestyle.

We strive for continuous improvement by gradually increasing our production capabilities, the range of products and their distribution across the country and overseas markets. In addition, the whole cycle of production, raw materials, technology and innovation, we believe, will lead to an increasingly sustainable change in people's habits, behavior and living standards in a positive direction.


What are we doing?


Go4® is the call of all who want to live freely and healthily.


We at Go4® are committed to cleanliness, environmentally friendly lifestyles and environmental protection. Therefore, we produce and market affordable and quality bio-certified products - 100% raw and gluten-free, with no added sugar, lactose-free, GMO-free, with no preservatives and optimizers at an optimal price.



We believe that what we are doing meets the ever-increasing need for every person to eat healthily, to be in perfect physical health to have more energy and to live better, longer and less health issues. This, along with our passion for natural products, clean food and environmental protection, is the motivation that leads us.



How do we produce it?


Each of the Go4® products is based on the latest Australian Health Star Rating system, which, in addition to product quality, evaluates the most appropriate proportion of nutrients. 


The raw Go4® bars do not undergo any heat treatment and thus their beneficial properties have a maximum health effect. Each Go4® bar contains superfoods such as Chia, Inca Beri, Spirulina, Goji Beri, Hemp Protein and others.

Crackers are made from fresh vegetables, nuts and seeds, which are picked and handmade and pre-soaked in water for easier processing by the body. To maintain maximum enzymes, vitamins and minerals, vegetables are dried at a temperature below 42 degrees, which guarantees the content of beneficial substances in them. That is why we call them '' dried salad ''.


Go4® has some of the best suppliers of bio-certified foods. We monitor the production process from the garden to the packaging to guarantee the golden combination of quality and good price.


Who rated us?


The raw crackers and bars have become a real event at world fairs. Go4® is a finalist in the category Natural and Organic Awards Europe 2016 and at the prestigious Nord organic food fair in Malmö, the Go4® crackers have won the category "Best New Organic Special Diet Food (vegetarian, vegan, free-from)" , and the bars of the brand grabbed the award "Best New Organic Food Product".