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Factory and Processes

Factory and Processes


 The Go4Raw Laboratory is located in the Sofia Tech Park Laboratory Complex. The complex is one of the main elements of T + IN, consisting of 11 laboratories and managed by an independent association specifically established for this purpose.

 The laboratory complex is designed to perform problem-oriented and industrial-oriented research and development aimed at efficient and environmentally-friendly use of national bio-resources and the utilization of industrial by-products and bio-waste to produce high added-value products.

 Our laboratory performs characterization of raw materials, intermediate and end products, and long-term and accelerated stability. Making measurements, analysis and real-time control of the biological parameters of raw materials, materials, semi-products and products. Development of technological and product innovations (creation of new or improvement of the quality of existing bio-products).



 Carefully monitor the quality and origin of all raw materials used, this ensures the highest quality of the product. Raw materials are the only fruit of organic farming, no synthetic fertilizers, hormones, pesticides and antibiotics are used for their cultivation. Each product is grown according to the natural seasonal cycles. Fruits and vegetables are harvested after full maturation, then dried at a temperature below 42 ° C.



 We produce in a special base in Dragoman, where milk, soybean and other products have never been processed, beyond the recipe of our bars and crackers, which is an additional guarantee of quality.